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May 21st, 2012 (via Roughstock) - Lee Brice is on a high right now and his latest single is anything but “Hard to Love.” This reverse love song is more then just another I did this, I did that and a hundred baby, I’m sorrys - it’s an energizing take on admitting your faults and appreciating the person who loves you through them.

Just off the heels of “A Woman Like You,” it’s clear this South Carolina native has found a deeper connection with love songs. Earlier this year, he claimed his catch and took himself off the market when he proposed to his longtime girlfriend. Although Brice didn’t write this song, he’s done a great job at finding one that fits his sound and his style.

As cliché as it sounds love isn’t easy, it’s hard. “Hard to Love,” is a song that touches the soul of every committed person out there. Maybe you aren’t the one that’s Hard to Love, but you are the loved. This is anything but a sappy love song. It’s a upbeat and unique way of looking at a relationship through the wrong end of the telescope and it’s sure the follow the chart-climbing path of Brice’s most recent singles.